About Massage


By far the most popular spa treatment is the massage and it is continuing to rise in popularity over the years. Books about massage have been found to be written as far back as 3000 B.C. Massage uses pressure, kneading and other techniques in order to manipulate soft tissue. There are currently over 80 variations of massage being practiced around the world. Millions of people have realized the health benefits that massage therapy can provide. Many places such as hospitals, corporations and professional sports teams have utilized massage as a main part of their operations. Many people experience physical, medical and psychological benefits from the use of massage. Massages are usually placed into 3 different classifications soft, medium, and deep massage. Each massage type uses different amounts of pressure in order to achieve the desired effect. Most massage therapists agree that in order to get the full benefits of massage people should go and get a treatment on a regular basis. Several studies and researches have been conducted proving the positive aspects of massage therapy.


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